Issue: On DRM-free OSX version, says "Application is damaged and must move to trash."
Resolve: Go to System Preferences --> Security. Allow files from anywhere. Game will work now. (Or you can just use Steam...)

Issue: Controller doesn't work on OSX.
Resolve: None. Gamemaker disabled controller support for OSX.


Issue: It says the game failed to launch and the game does not start. Then it says it could not initialize D9 D3D surfaces or something.
Resolve: Maybe not enough graphics resources avaialable.
1. Closing everything else.
2. Shrinking resolution.
3. Make sure all video card drivers are up to date and you have the latest version of DirectX.

Issue: I have a European keyboard and Z,X, and C are in inconvenient locations.
Resolve: You can also use ENTER for Z , SHIFT for X, and CTRL for C. This way you can play the game one-handed. Or you can just use a joypad.

Issue: Doing an action, game crashes with an error message // OR // Some other strange bug that does not crash the game but is clearly unintended // OR // Game consistently crashes/freezes at a certain point
Resolve: E-mail me immediately, I will try to fix the issue.

Issue: Plane turns tiny.
Resolve: No resolve. Intentional.

Issue: Are you sure? That really seems like a bug.
Resolve: IT'S ON PURPOSE!!!!!!!