Hi everyone.

The world has been really tough for everybody recently.

So I decided to release DELTARUNE Chapter 2 for free.

I guess like a pet cat that drops bugs at your doorstep,

I can, with some pride, show you the weird things I've been doing.

I'm not sure if it will help, but I hope so.

(Just one request - please remember, games like this aren't normally free. If you can afford it, spend the money you saved from getting this game for free by supporting other indie devs.

If you really want to give me money, buy the soundtrack from Bandcamp. Thank you.)


A lot of things happened with the development of the game. Engines changed. Areas got redesigned. More and more people were hired.

Two people I want to thank specifically are Sarah and Temmie.

Temmie has stuck with the project doing the art for about five years now. I don't think she really needs an introduction. Almost everything in the game was drawn by her.

And Sarah has been working on Deltarune since she brought Chapter 1 to Nintendo Switch in 2018.

She's the one that works really hard on all the parts you don't think about. She's a really reliable person that's helped out with everything behind the scenes for years. Thanks Sarah.

Although it's no longer a solo project, I tried very hard to communicate my vision. I designed and wrote everything. I gave feedback on literally every single part of the game. Thanks to everyone, we were able to complete the chapter a lot faster than I could ever do it by myself. I'm very proud of the team, so please look at the credits.

Chapter 2

by Toby Fox

-Main Artist-

-Main Animator-

Temmie Chang

-Main Team-

Sarah O’Donnell
Fred Wood
Jean Canellas
Xan Wetherall

-BG Concept Art-

(Cyber Field, City, Mansion)
Gigi DG

-Dark World Costume Design-

Gigi DG [Kris, Susie]
Tcheska Lynn B (chess) [Berdly]

-Guest Character Design-

(Lancer, Rudinn, Hathy)
(Clover, King, Jevil)

-Singing This Song-

Laura Shigihara

-Guest Character Design-

(Poppup, Ambyu-Lance, Hacker, etc.)
Samanthuel Gillson (splendidland)

-Guest Character Design-

(Sweet, Cap’n, K_K)
(Tasque Manager)

-Pixel Art Assistance-

Shawn (puppiesandanime)
Tcheska Lynn B (chess)
Satoshi Maruyama

-Development Tools (Cool)-

Juju Adams

-Programming Assistance-

Shaun Spalding
Lars Korendijk

-Cutscene Assistance-

Tcheska Lynn B (chess)
Chelsea Saunders (pixelatedcrown)

-Music Assistance-

Lena Raine
Marcy Nabors

-UT Character Design-

Betty Kwong (Temmie)
Magnolia Porter (Snowdrake, Monster Kid)

-Japanese Localization-

8-4 Ltd.


Keiko Fukuichi

-Localization Producers-

Graeme Howard
John Ricciardi

-Localization Support-

Tina Carter
Yutaka Ohbuchi
Sami Ragone

-Platform Programming-

Sarah O’Donnell

-Programming Support-

Gregg Tavares

-Japanese Graphics-



Tomohiro Nakai [QA Project Manager]
Tomoyoshi Yamashita [QA Lead]
Ryohei Kishimoto [QA Assistant Lead]
Shinji Yasue [Sales Dept]

-Super Testers-



Brian Coia

-Fangamer Testing-

Chris Warriner
Jack Murphy
Ryan Alyea
Alexandro Arvizu
Charlie Verdin
Dan Moore
Steven Thompson

-Trailers & All Video Editing-


-Special Thanks-

Hiroko Minamoto
Fontworks Inc.
Yutaka Sato (Happy Ruika)
All 8-4 & Fangamer Staff
Claire & Andrew
Brian Lee
YoYo Games

We gained a lot of experience working on this chapter. I believe it's the biggest chapter in the entire game in many ways. The cutscene count is the largest, the story involves many characters, and there are many other aspects that made it a challenging chapter. For next time, I think if we can expand the team a little more, then things will really kick off... maybe.


Originally I had planned to release chapters only when all them are finished, but honestly, it's hard both for creators and fans to go a long time without a release. So, I changed my mind. I think most people will be happy about this.

My next goal is to complete Chapters 3, 4 and 5 for next time. Then, at that time I will ask for people to buy the game, at the price of the first 5 chapters (including 1 and 2). I don't know the price yet, but it's definitely going to cost more than UNDERTALE.

So, next time you want to ask "when's chapter 3", you can ask "when can I buy Chapter 3/4/5? I'll give you a lot of money".

... I won't know the answer until it's done, though.


This game is filled with an enormous volume of stupid garbage. Please have fun experiencing it all.

Dig through it, and you might find me sleeping at the bottom of the dumpster.

Please don't take away my pillow. I think I'd like to take a break for a while...