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last updated Jan 29 2019Last updated January 29 2019

Patch Notes

What changed in the latest patch?

Consult the patch notes!


I bought the game off of How do I play it/Why can't I find it?

You should get an email containing a link to download the game. If you don't see it, check your spam. Then try Humble Resender to send the game back to yourself in an email. If you can't see the game, you may have misspelled your email and need to contact me or Humble Support.

I bought the game on but I logged into Steam and I can't find it!

When you buy the game on, you should (as mentioned in the answer above) get an email with a link to download it. You don't need Steam to play it. However, if you do want to put the game on your Steam account, the download page will have a Steam Code on it that you can redeem like this.

I downloaded the game off of and need to download it again because (new computer/I lost it/it got deleted.)

Use Humble Resender to send the game back to yourself in an email.

I bought the Game + Soundtrack bundle on and I downloaded UNDERTALE but can't find the soundtrack.

On the page where you click "Windows" or "Mac" to download the game, next to them is a button that says "Audio" with a music note next to it. You have to click on that one. It is a separate download.

How do I listen to the soundtrack if I bought the game on Steam?

This article from Steam should help you.

Where do I find my UNDERTALE save data on Windows?

  1. Type %localappdata% into the navigation bar where it shows the folder names, hit Enter
  2. Find the "Undertale" folder

Or if you need step-by-step instructions, please reference this guide.

Where do I find my UNDERTALE save data on macOS?

Please reference this guide.

My game isn't working.

Check the troubleshooting guide! If it doesn't answer your question, email us!

Will the borders and achievements from the PS4/Vita version eventually be added to the PC/Mac/Linux version?

No plans at this time.

I'm having trouble running UNDERTALE on Linux!

Since Undertale is a 32-bit game, you may need to install 32-bit libraries for Linux. Check this Humble Bundle article for more information.

PlayStation® 4/PlayStation® Vita

Do the PS4 and Vita versions have any new content?

The tutorial frog NPC that talks about pressing F4 to go full-screen has slightly different dialogue now. I apologize to die-hard fans of the tutorial frog.

Did you include Trophies? I love Trophies.

I'm sorry.

You didn’t include Trophies?

No… I… I did. That’s why I’m apologizing.

Will the game support Cross-Buy?

(Staring blankly.)
(Staring blankly.)
(The teleprompter updates.)
Yes! The download version will support Cross-Buy. So if you have a PS4 and a Vita, you only have to buy it once!

Will the Vita version work on the PlayStation TV?

Yes, it sure will!

Will there be a Vita theme?

Sorry, but no.

Physical / Collector's Editions

When and where can I get the Collector's and physical editions?

You can order them from Fangamer now, for PC/Mac/Linux, PS4 and Vita.

Is the locket for sale outside of the Collector's Edition?

No, sorry.

Are the PS4 and Vita physical and Collector's editions eligible for Cross-Buy?

No. The physical editions do not include a digital copy of the game.


What do you use to make the music?

FL Studio. I often write the melodies and chords using a keyboard first.

What did you use to make the game.

Game Maker Studio.

What did you use to draw the graphics.

MS Paint. Temmie and other artists used GraphicsGale.

iMessage Stickers

I purchased the stickers on iOS 10. How do I use them?

  1. From an iMessage, tap the arrow on the left of the entry field, then tap the App Store icon
  2. Tap the four ovals in the bottom-left corner of the screen
  3. Tap 'UNDERTALE' to begin using your UNDERTALE stickers!

Note: If 'UNDERTALE' does not appear, tap 'Store', then go to the 'Manage' tab and enable 'UNDERTALE' in the list of apps

Other Versions

Will you translate the game to [language].

Currently only a Japanese translation is available.
I understand there are people in every language who would like to play the game.
I will make an announcement if I plan to do a new language.

Will you do a port of the game to Linux.

I did it already! Who are you!?

Will you do a port of the game to consoles/mobile/etc.

I don't know.Please don't email me about this.


If you have trouble downloading the game or need to download it again, try the FAQ first.


The game won't launch on Steam.

Working on it. Meanwhile, email us.

Controller doesn't work on OSX.

I can't fix this. GameMaker doesn't have controller support for OSX.


It says the game failed to launch and the game does not start. Then it says it could not initialize D9 D3D surfaces or something.

Either there aren't enough graphic resources, or your video card has some sort of compatibility issue.


  1. Closing everything else.
  2. Shrinking resolution.
  3. Make sure all video card drivers are up to date and you have the latest version of DirectX.

I have a European keyboard and Z,X, and C are in inconvenient locations.

You can also use ENTER for Z , SHIFT for X, and CTRL for C. This way you can play the game one-handed. Or you can just use a joypad.

Doing an action, game crashes with an error message // OR // Some other strange bug that does not crash the game but is clearly unintended // OR // Game consistently crashes/freezes at a certain point

Email us, I will try to fix the issue.

Plane turns tiny.

No resolve. Intentional.

Are you sure? That really seems like a bug.



If theFAQandTroubleshootingguides couldn't help you, email technical support. Please keep in mind that all e-mails will be answered by Fangamer.

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