5th Anniversary Alarm Clock Winter Dialogue



I like Santa Claus.He's a nice old man that never changes.No matter how cruel everything gets, he laughs, calmly...And comforts the people of the world.Don't you think he's a bit like a
To tell you the truth, I was never an excellent leader.But, I think I might be a nice Santa Claus.Hohoho!!!... though, I cannot fit inside the chimney.Last time I tried, I just got stuck...They ended up drawing a face on my behind...Gee whillikers!
Rudy... loved the holidays, you know.Around that time of year...He'd put on his glowing red nose...And we'd walk into the night together, placing presents side by side in the snow....I was... his Santa.He was...My Rudolph.
I can still hear him tapping on his doorframe saying,As I walk into his Snowdin cottage,With a warm slice of fruitcake on the table. His youngest daughter peeking shyly from around the corner...For a little while, it was like...Another home...
I knew him for a long time.Even when I first met him at Hotland University,He always called me As time passed, one day...He started looking older than I.I remember him saying,Then he paused, and said...Why, I asked him.Then he just kept laughing...What a funny man!
I was there for it all.His youth.His marriage.His fatherhood.Then, suddenly, one day...... He fell down....Rudy...I... was never able to show you the sun.
...But Rudy would be happy to see our world today.His daughters get to grow up in the sunlight.The youngest one has such a kind face.I think she'll make many new friends.Isn't that nice?
Undyne: Asgore! The heck are you standing alone in the cold?Asgore: I finished putting out all the presents...Asgore: Not much for me to do now, I'm afraid.Undyne: What!? Are you kidding!?Undyne: C'mon, we're about to light up the tree!Asgore: O-oh, of course!Asgore: ... Golly! It's quite a large one this year! Ho ho ho!Undyne: Yeah!! Haha!! I smashed a few together to make a supertree!!Asgore: Supertree?Papyrus: LOOK, ASGORE!! MATCHING RED SCARVES!!!Asgore: Matching? With who?Papyrus: ME AND MY... WHERE'D HE GO?Alphys: Alright everyone, time to flip the switch!!Alphys: 3... 2... 1... L... Lights on!!!Toriel: Oh, how wonderful!Papyrus: THIS TREE... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!Sans: yeah.Sans: there's even a decorated one with lights, over here.Papyrus: WOW!!! THAT TREE IS ALSO BEAUTIFUL!!!Toriel: Here, everyone, a cup of warm soup.Sans: woah, you really filled it up, huh.Asgore: Of course! It's more efficient that way!Toriel: ... it is, isn't it?Undyne: Hey, everyone!! Let's sing carols!!Toriel: Oh, shall we!?Mettaton: Don't forget the star, at the top of the tree...Napstablook: oh... it's a winter miracle...Alphys: G-get down from there!Napstablook: mew mew, cue the dance music...Undyne: How the heck can we sing carols to this!?Sans: no way to know if you don't try.Toriel: Then, shall we?Alphys: (Not like you'd get the original lyrics right anyway?)Papyrus: UNDYNE!! WE'LL SHOW YOU THE POWER OF WINTER!!!Undyne: HEY!! I'M ON YOUR SIDE!!!Asgore: Ho ho ho... what a wonderful winter.