5th Anniversary Alarm Clock Winter Dialogue



Golly, the best part about Winter?Probably the beautiful white snow, blanketing the ground...Completely indistinguishable from the dust of your friends.Hahahaha...
Huh...? What do I want this year...?When you grow up, you stop wanting things for the holidays.
Besides, even if you bought me, say, a bike,Where would I even put it,And how would I even ride it.It'd be a complete waste of everybody's time.
A red bike with a golden basket.It'd be completely useless.You hear me? Useless!
This... ribbon?Who cares who gave it to me?I haven't lost the right to be snug, have I!?Hee hee hee. You're jealous!
Golly, that's right. The party.They left her there.Abandoned her in the garage to rot in the cold.Her mind burnt to nothing from all that merrymaking.
Hee hee... to think she's made so many They're lucky they never saw her in the RUINS,Living in loneliness.Waiting for someone to fall down.At her very worst, even forgetting to eat or sleep...Pathetic!I remember finding her and laughing.Laughing at how miserable she looked, splayed out on the ground in weakness.Guardian of the RUINS?Ha!! You can't even take care of YOURSELF!!... And then,I don't know why.But with half closed eyes,She touched my face and said,Asriel... I'll never let you go again...And fell asleep....Idiot....You can't even take care of yourself.
Toriel: Er? Why, yes. There was a time in the RUINS when...Toriel: I had... fallen asleep on the floor.Toriel: ... How did you know that?Toriel: ...Toriel: The strangest thing, was that... When I woke up, I was in bed, and...Toriel: ... there was a glass of water next to me.Toriel: I always assumed I had forgotten to get up, but...Toriel: ...
Toriel: A long time ago, I knew someone that always filled up their glass, so the liquid was just peeking over the brim.Toriel: It was the most efficient way to fill it, they said.Toriel: Regardless of how thirsty they were.Toriel: Because of that, my son started doing it too, and...Toriel: There were a lot of spills in the house.
Toriel: ... In the RUINS that time...Toriel: The glass was full, just like that.Toriel: And, recently when I woke up after the party,Toriel: The glass next to me was, too.Toriel: ...