5th Anniversary Alarm Clock Winter Dialogue



My favorite thing about winter?It's gotta be winter sports!Snow wrestling, snow baseball, snow football, and of course…Snow hockey!
The last match we all played was UNFORGETTABLE!Me, Asgore, and Sans versus Alphys, Toriel, and Papyrus!Action! Betrayal! Teamwork! It could have been a movie!Mettaton: Hmmm... a disaster movie, maybe.Undyne: Hey, what the heck are you doing in my monologue!?Mettaton: I was the referee, darling.Undyne: Ref!? All you did is sit on the side in a super tall chair,Taking selfies with giant sunglasses on!Mettaton: I can't help that the sun sparkling off the ice highlights my natural beauty...Undyne: (Natural?)
Anyway, it was a great match! Everyone had a blast!Mettaton: Alphys was running from you and yelling the whole time.Undyne: You've gotta tackle the person with the puck!Mettaton: ... which got accidentally stuck to her stick from the cold?Undyne: Uhh... really? I thought she was just playing really well. Hahaha.Mettaton: Bursting from the ice like a shark didn't help her either.Undyne: LOOK, I WANTED her on my team, but Papyrus chose her first!Papyrus: DON'T WORRY ALPHYS, I WON'T LET YOU GET PICKED LAST!Undyne: I was going to pick her, Papyrus!! I was going to!!
Undyne: Speaking of Papyrus, he was on me the whole match!Almost, literally.He kept tackling me the whole time!!But, uh, he put on so much protective gear,He'd just bounce off me with a noise like a squeaky toy!When he did get the puck, he'd just pass it back to Alphys...Except for once, when he passed it to Sans,Because he forgot they weren't on the same team.... Sans gave it back though.
Sans!That's right, I was playing with a handicap, too, you know!My teammates were BARELY playing!!Toriel and Sans just stood at the center of the ice,Slapping their hockey sticks together over and over and saying stuff like,While pretending not to understand the rules.Meanwhile, my other teammate, Asgore...... ended up falling into a fishing hole in the ice,Getting his, uh, legs stuck inside!I was, uhh, so into the game, I didn't notice, and he, uhh...Didn't really say anything, so...Anyway, I eventually pulled him out!!!... only to discover
Eventually, Alphs got a headache and had to take a break...Mettaton: (To watch Mew Mew's virtual streamer event...)Undyne: So I decided to swap the teams around to something more fair…EVERYONE against ME!They agreed!Papyrus: WE WILL NOT LOSE, UNDYNE!! WE'LL SHOW YOU THE POWER OF LOVE AND HOCKEY!!!Undyne: Papyrus rallied his team together for a huddle to discuss strategies!!... or so they thought!! Ha!! You left yourselves wide open!!I knocked everyone down like bowling pins and scored repeatedly!!The game timer reached the three-quarters point in a flash!!HAHAHA!!! 77 points to 0!!  You thought you could WIN!?I laughed in everyone's face individually while flexing!!Then... Papyrus... looked... dejected.Papyrus: Undyne: D... damn it! Papyrus!! I... I went too far!!!I was about to apologize to him...When suddenly, Sans scored a goal behind me!?Then he went over to Alphys, humming,And did some kind of... finger-pointy arm-crossy dance?Alphys pushed him away and told him to stop being
Then, Papyrus had the puck!! I was gonna steal it, when...Toriel tackled me from the side, letting him score!!Y... you've got guts, old lady!!(Though, it wasn't too bad being pinned by something so fluffy!)And so it kept going!! Toriel tackling, the puck suddenly disappearing,Papyrus scoring, Sans dancing, Alphys and Asgore watching videos...W-wait, even Alphys scored at one point!!ALPHYS, I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T PLAYING!!!Alphys: Eheh... I... just wanted to know what it felt like...
Undyne: Finally, only a few minutes left in the match!!!100 to 99!! Bite your nails!!! Bite your fins!!!It was all down to THIS, as we squared off on the ice!!Then, a little white dog showed up.AND STOLE THE PUCK!!!Nobody could catch the damn little thing!!It ended up running in circles,Jittering in and out of the goal, racking up hundreds of points!!Eventually, it dropped the puck in front of Papyrus, wagging its tail...And I SMASHED it into the sky!!The puck, I mean.The dog jumped after it, up into the light of the sun...... and never came down. ...Our final score...?Mettaton: 100 to 99 to 255.Mettaton: Winner: Dog!Undyne: HOW DOES THAT COUNT!?!?
So nobody won!?What the hell was the point of all that struggle!?Everything seemed lost...Until Toriel took out a thermos,And poured everyone some warm alphabet soup.You KNOW, relaxing on a snowy blanket next to the heater, drinking homemade soup together after a tough match...Kinda makes you feel like EVERYONE's a winner, right? ...HAHA!! PSYCHE!! Screw that dog!! I WON!! I totally won!!!Mettaton: (Did you just call me
Napstablook: oh... i drank some too... even though it passed through me... it was a little warm...... but, best of all...there was a special message at the bottom of the alphabet soupone that made me... tear up…it was the lyrics to my favorite holiday song…